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We can help you find the ideal Honda online, by phone, or in-person. And if your current Honda needs attention, our Authorized Honda Service Center is open and eager to care for your car. We're following “Social Distancing” guidelines, so please wear a face mask and maintain 6' of distance. Thanks!

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Let’s Make Good Things Happen.

Positive changes we’ve already made to make things better.

Hello and we hope your day is going well. Please remember, we’re all in this together.

As the owners of Tracy Honda, we’d like to share the decisive steps we’ve taken to continue serving our customers, protecting our employees, and supporting our community. We hope you view them as proactive, appropriate, and responsible.

While we remain attentive to the news, including fact-based recommendations from known experts, our primary focus — and really our primary responsibility — is to respond to COVID-19 in ways that will blunt its spread and, at the same time, retain some normalcy in our day-to-day lives. Our collective objective should be to reach the other side of this crisis with minimal negative impact on our community.

As Business Owners—

When running a business during a crisis like COVID-19, there is a strong temptation to slash expenses and save money. However, “running” a business is not the same as “leading” a business and we quickly realized that protecting profits — at any cost — is not consistent with our business philosophy. Our family has been running auto dealerships for over 40 years, so we know our business will survive. In a very real sense, our job is to serve our community, which includes customers, employees, and vendors. We need to lead, not panic. We want to find ways to keep the local economy going while respecting the “Shelter In Place” order put in place by our state leaders.

As Community Members—

To a responsible degree, we will remain open for business. People will need to keep their cars operational; some may truly need a replacement vehicle or to sell their current car; and our employees most certainly want to remain on the job, earning a paycheck. To the best of our ability — and while following government guidelines — we’ll try to keep things moving forward. Some normal services will be cut if it is determined that we cannot offer them in a manner that limits exposure to COVID-19. More often, however, it will simply mean changing the way we conduct ourselves while serving our customers. Such as our newly implemented “Safe Service” guidelines.

Additionally, we are looking for ways that we can help those in our community who may be impacted more severely than others by COVID-19, both physically and financially. As you know, it’s a rapidly unfolding situation and we’re doing the best we can… to do the best we can.

We look forward to getting through this together.

Best wishes,

Ken Harvey / Founder & CEO

Taz Harvey / President